Resilient Worcester

Like many other places, the City of Worcester is already being affected by extreme weather events caused by a changing climate.

In response, in 2019, Worcester completed a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness assessment and planning analysis. The city conducted a community workshop in January, and came out with a set of recommendation for the city and its community to follow in order to improve its infrastructural, societal and environmental resiliency to extreme weather events.

  • To learn more about Worcester’s MVP planning process and read the report - go here.
  • To learn about identified natural hazards and recommended actions - go here.
  • To understand the causes of flooding in Worcester and how to assess your property's vulnerability to flooding and how to prepare for it - go here.
  • To find resources on how to make your property more resilient to floodings - go here.
  • To learn about climate change and its impacts on Worcester - go here.

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