Greening Municipal Electricity

2005 Resolution - Clean Renewable Municipal Electricity

City Council adopted a resolution that set a goal of purchasing 20% of electricity for municipal uses from clean, renewable sources by 2010, and encouraged residents and businesses to choose the clean energy option on their own energy bills.

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2009 - Ongoing Purchasing of Clean Renewable Municipal Electricity Consistent with its commitment, since 2009, the City has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (i.e. green attributes of electricity sourced from renewable sources) applying them towards municipal electricity. In 2014 and 2015, the City exceeded its 20% goal by purchasing enough RECs to cover 23% of the municipal electrical consumption!
2012 EPA's Green Power Partnership Worcester joined the EPA's Green Power Partnership and was designated a Green Power Partner as a result of its commitment to purchase green electricity above 20% of its municipal electrical usage. In April 2015, EPA included Worcester in a Top 30 Local Government list, which is comprised of the largest green power users among local government partners within the Partnership.
2014 33% Green Municipal Electricity

As of 2014, approximately 33% of the City's municipal electricity use came from renewable energy. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) purchased by the City account for 22%, with an additional 11% certified by the Renewable Portfolio Standard (Class I and II) - the state-mandated green portion of electricity supplied to Massachusetts that year.

(Note: While the City committed to purchasing 25% green electricity, due to complexities associated with estimating electrical consumption, the actual amount of renewable credits amounted to 22% of the actual consumption.)

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