Benefits of Solar Projects

Financial Benefits:

Immediate - 30 year period after project completion
  • No cost to the taxpayers or Worcester Public Schools' (WPS) budget to fund the projects.
  • Reduction of the WPS’s electrical bills due to avoided electrical delivery charges associated with the electricity generated on-site, which results in the immediately cash-flow positive projects.
  • Immediate savings for WPS resulting from the reduction of the “peak demand” electrical surcharges (since overall electrical demand usually peaks when solar production is the highest).
  • Net Metering Credits for WPS when excess solar electricity flows back to the electrical grid (during low electrical usage and high solar production times).
  • Extension by 20 years of the useful lives of six roofs that have been resealed and that were nearing their warranty expiration dates.
10-30 year period after project completion
  • Income to WPS following the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates (Class I RECs).
20-30 year period after project completion
  • With the bond now paid, WPS’s electrical bills will be further reduced due to avoided electrical supply costs from the electricity generated on-site.

Environmental Benefits:

The City is supporting and operating a renewable energy project, and, therefore, is contributing to the overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to note, however, that the schools cannot claim to be using renewable electricity per se, because the green attributes of, and, therefore, a claim to the renewable energy, are being sold via Renewable Energy Certificates. Nevertheless, the City’s electrical supply is already about 23% green - click here to learn more.

Other Benefits:

This project provides tremendous educational opportunities for teaching students first-hand about renewable energy production, operation, financing, and more. While access to roofs is frequently restricted (for safety reasons), the City will explore opportunities for allowing students access to electrical generation data, conversations with facility crew responsible for maintenance, and more.
Climate Resiliency
Local renewable energy generation contributes to grid resilience and aids in mitigating power outages.
Roof-mounted solar installations reduce the heating load on the buildings and reduce air conditioning costs.
Ground-mounted solar installations in parking lots provide awning protection to the cars parked below, protecting them from the sun and the elements.
With a large number of solar systems across the City, Worcester is presenting itself as a municipal leader in renewable energy generation.