Waste and Recycling

Recycling and Waste Management in Worcester

Worcester currently recycles approximately 32% of its residential waste-stream (excluding yard-waste). The City encourages recycling by requiring purchase of trash bags (pay-as-you-throw) to dispose of trash, while picking up recycling materials for free.

Private waste haulers provide recycling materials pick-up services for multi-family residential units (over 6 dwelling units) and businesses in the City.

Residential Curbside Recycling Program – Residential buildings in Worcester with 1-6 dwellings per lot benefit from curbside pick-up of waste and recyclables (managed by the Department of Public Works and Parks, per Chapter 4 of the City's General Ordinance Part I). While the residents have to pay for the trash bags, recycling is free! Better still, recycling is made even easier because no sorting of different types of recycling is required (zero-sort) - it all goes into one bin.

Yard-Waste and Compost – Worcester offers an excellent benefit to the residents by picking up yard waste during the fall without the requirement to bag it. Yard waste can also be dropped off by any resident at any of the three locations in the City. Additionally, the collected yard waste (about 10,000 tons a year) is turned into compost which is offered for free to the residents and is also used to enrich soils on City properties.

Drop-Off Center (April - November) – Residents can bring bulky items (such as appliances, mattresses, etc.) and hazardous waste to the Drop-Off Center, or schedule an appointment for items to be picked up. Check out the website which has detailed information about acceptable materials, scheduling your visit, and much more.