Energy Use and Costs in MA - Summary

Interesting facts about energy use and costs for an average Massachusetts household:

(source: U.S. EIA - 2009 residential survey and 2014 data

Average distribution of energy use (million Btu) by end use for Massachusetts residents (Source: U.S. EIA)- An average household in Massachusetts uses 22% more energy and spends 22% more on energy ($2,500/year) than the national average household;

- Space heating makes up a greater portion of energy use in homes (59%) compared to the national average while air conditioning makes up only 1% of total energy use;

- Massachusetts households rely less on electricity for heating and cooling but spend close to the national average on electricity (about 44% of the total energy bill; in 2014 - 615 kWh or $107 per month per household) due to higher electricity prices in New England. As a matter of fact, in 2015, Massachusetts residential electrical costs were the 5th highest in the country (after HI, RI, AK, and CT);

- As can be seen in the table below, heating one's home during the heating season is costly. Natural gas remains a more affordable fuel in the Northeast as compared to heating oil and electricity:

Table WF01. Average Consumer Prices and Expenditures for Heating Fuels During the Winter (Northeast region):

Primary space-heating fuel:

Winter 2012-13

Winter 2013-14

Winter o2014-15

Projected for Winter 2015-16

Natural Gas (Northeast)





Heating Oil (U.S. Average)





Electricity (Northeast)





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