Public Schools' Solar Production Charts

View the solar electricity production charts or, for even more information, click on the PowerDash*'s public URLs for each solar system:

*PowerDash is the city's provider of energy monitoring services and is an independent verifier of produced solar electrical energy.

** PV stands for photovoltaic system, or solar energy system.

Belmont Street Community School - Roof PV

Burncoat Senior High School - Parking Canopy PV

Chandler Magnet Elementary School - Roof PV

Forest Grove Middle School - Roof PV

Norrback Community School - Roof PV

North High School - Roof PV (2016)

North High School - Roof PV (2011)

Roosevelt Elementary School - Roof PV

Sullivan Middle School - Parking Canopy PV

Sullivan Middle School - Roof PV

Worcester Technical High School - Roof PV (Bldg B)